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Wil Huygen Gnomes

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The delightful classic Gnomes has been repackaged in this exceptional collector’s edition to celebrate the 35th anniversary of this magical book.

The beloved Gnomes was first published in 1976 and the world became enchanted with the simple and diligent ways of these special creatures. Based on Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen’s scientific observation of the local gnome population in Holland, Gnomes covers all areas of gnome culture: architecture, education, courtship, medicine, industry, and relationships with other mythical creatures.

Thirty-five years later, this beautifully illustrated book continues to bring joy to readers of all ages.

This revised collector’s edition of Gnomes features a new introduction, eight removable prints in a back cover envelope, and an all-new signature of never-before-published gnome sketches by artist Rien Poortvliet on distinctive sketchbook paper.

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